Neuropsychological Assessment

A neuropsychological assessment objectively measures a person’s cognitive and behavioural functioning. The term ‘cognitive’ refers to abilities such as concentration, thinking, learning, memory, problem-solving and reasoning. More specifically, the assessment is designed to characterise a person’s cognition and behaviour in order to identify any symptoms that might be due to a medical condition, developmental disorder, neurological injury or mental health condition. Assessments can also be used to diagnose neurological disorders and monitor symptoms over time.

Dr Luke Smith can provide assessments for people aged 16 years and over. He will first take a thorough history from you during an interview. Information might also be requested from other parties, such as a family member or treating health professionals. He will then administer some paper and pencil type activities to measure your thinking and memory skills. Following analysis of assessment results, feedback and a report will be provided. Further information about neuropsychology and neuropsychological assessment can be found at Clinical neuropsychologists | APS (

Clinical Education & Skills Training

Dr Luke Smith has a passion for education and skills training within the health, disability and aged care sectors. He has presented workshops and education sessions for clients, families, service providers and institutions on a range of topics across Australia. Clinically, he has particular expertise in providing training in neurodegenerative conditions, cognitive strategies and behaviour support. Luke’s presentation style is dynamic and engaging. He seeks to build the knowledge and skills of audience members through active and reflective learning approaches. His workshops and presentations provide up-to-date evidence-based content that is delivered in a way that suits a wide variety of learning backgrounds.

Luke was invited to present at the World MS Day Symposium in May 2019 at Rydges Newcastle.
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